LTO Storage and Archiving

Why choose dematerialized contents?

For several years now, the audiovisual industry has completely entered the era of dematerialization. Just like digital contents replaced the cinema reel, the file progressively supplants physical supports such as cassettes or DVDs. However, so as to guarantee the continuity of this digital transition, it is essential to safely store your data, and this provides many advantages:

  Secure your data and projects
Preserve your work and audiovisual assets
Free space on your workstations and work discs
Considerably relieve your storage by deleting your fragile and cumbersome old formats
Simplify your content transfer
Save stable “pivot” files that will become the basis of all your future works

Why is it essential to back up your data?

Backing up data is essential for companies big and small. In the event of significant data loss, regular backups are necessary so as to be able to restore lost files. This operation consists of copying the files on a different storage drive that is, above all, durable and reliable.
This is why CinéCim suggests you save all your files on LTO cartridges.

What is LTO?

LTO (Linear Tape-Open) is a magnetic tape data storage technology, similar in principle to Betamax video tapes. Today, it has become a reference in terms of storage, especially because of its safety and longevity. Indeed, LTO cartridges have an estimated 30-year lifespan, as opposed to 5-7 years for a classic hard drive.
This technology is particularly used to save contents of the utmost importance, such as banking or medical information.

How does CinéCim guarantee the storage of your contents?

We save your data on high-capacity LTO Ultrium cartridges via a TANDBERG DATA StorageLibrary™ T40 player/recorder.
Additionally, for each of these backups, we offer to create an exact copy, stored separately, that guarantees a faultless reliability in the preservation of your data.

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Choose sustainability for your data and your LTO backup.
Choose CinéCim.

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